Recode DNA for Wealth System


Unlock Your Potential with the World's First Scientifically Supported System for Recoding Your DNA...So You Can Free Yourself from Limiting Belief Systems and Reshape the Trajectory of Your Future!

Backed by Science

The Recode DNA for Wealth System is built with foundations in hard science.

Groundbreaking studies prove that DNA is changeable. The Recode DNA for Wealth System applies this new knowledge in a powerful way to give you results in the form of tangible life improvements.

When you get your Recode DNA System, you're getting a System that leverages years of scientific research. You will finally be able to free yourself from limiting beliefs; you will be able to open doors to new opportunities; and you can even Recode your DNA to improve other areas of life, like health and overall happiness!

Uchenna AguMillion-dollar winner of CBS’s prime-time
TV show “The Amazing Race”

Dawn’s tools gave me the edge when it counted. They helped me embed a winning mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and clear blocked energy. Thank you, Dawn, for showing me the path to a winning life!

"Where did I go wrong?" 

Many people take courses and try to improve themselves only to wake up a few months later right where they started...

It can be frustrating to get a glimpse of the success you crave, only to have it slip away...

The truth is, if you are feeling like this, it isn't your fault! You've inherited "viruses" in your DNA.

If you find yourself grappling with "glimpsing" or feeling like life is a struggle, it's time to Recode Your DNA for Wealth.

You can fix your underlying blueprint and re-shape your destiny!

This Special Offer ($7,650 value) Includes:







Colin FinleyColin Finlay, Emmy Award-winning photojournalist, including six-time Picture of the Year International

Dawn lifted the veils and taught me another language—another way of seeing the world—a new vocabulary. I moved through fears and out of where I was stuck.

Here are the 8 Steps to Recode Your DNA for Wealth
So You Can Break Free of the Old Belief Systems and Start Prospering Like Crazy!

The Success Encoding System

(Regular Price: $3,350)



Mastering the Basics

Step 1 covers the first three Modules of the Recode DNA for Wealth System. You will learn more about the fundamentals of the system, including: how the science of epigenetics will help reshape your belief systems, what your limiting patterns are and how you got them, as well as discovering what you are truly passionate about. Step 1 is awesome!



Repatterning for Success

Step 2 takes everything you learned in the first three Modules and applies it for you. You'll go through a couple of weeks where you are starting to re-imprint yourself with new, powerful belief systems. 

People often start feeling the first positive change during Step 2, and it's no surprise, because this is when you really start to transform! It's a beautiful jumping off point before the next 6 steps which will help you personalize the system to meet your needs.



Life's Profit Plan

​You'll get crystal clear about what you want. This is absolutely critical. Vague, broad stroke ideas, such as "I want financial freedom" and “I want to be safe to be me” will leave you stuck wanting rather than creating what you desire.



Your Solution for Real Change

Accelerate ​your success with the 'Domino Effect'. A specific type of focus is required to turn this on. With it, you can leverage your efforts and exponentially accelerate progress in all areas of your life.




Without a strategic plan for your next version of life, and an underlying blueprint to create it, you risk getting stuck in the land of 'wishful thinking,' things never falling into place, and looking back on life with regret.



Success Building

You are always creating your future. Most do it on autopilot, based on outdated programming, allowing the winds of the past to steer the course to their future! This leaves us underachieving, never stepping into our full potential. By consciously and strategically reverse engineering your future, you can overwrite what's stopping you and lay the blueprint for your new tomorrow.



Extraordinary Results

Whatever business you are in, whatever life you choose to live, now is your chance to unlock your full potential and design your ideal life. Extraordinary results are within your reach once you know how to reverse engineer your future.




Recoding Your DNA is a skill you will use over and over again, because each new level of life you experience will bring 'aha moments' and a new perspective. Weaving golden threads into the tapestry of your future puts you in the driver's seat of an extraordinary life that benefits not only you, but those you love and the world at large.

Upgrade Your Skills & Knowledge with These Expert Level Trainings

Wealth Zone Assets - $1,500 Value

​What's on your mind? Growing your business? Overcoming fear of failure, or learning to see opportunity when life seems to have you trapped? Maybe you just want some moral support... there is inspiration for you here!

Get Access to 100+ Transformational Mini-Sessions with Dawn.

Search this robust resource with key words to find recordings that will directly benefit you in different situations for years to come.

  • Learn how to identify your true Life Goals
  • Learn how to increase profitability and decrease struggle
  • Discover how your limiting beliefs may be your #1 enemy
  • Learn how to navigate chaotic situations easily
  • Learn how to keep Recoding your DNA every day

These are targeted answers to questions from people just like you to support your continued growth.

PLUS - When You Take Action Now
You'll Get Access to Bonuses
Worth over $6,600 + [LIVE COACHING CALLS]

Act Now and Receive These Seven Graduation Bonuses

BONUS 1 ($1,750) - "Upgrade Anything Now" Framework

This bonus is listed as #1 for a reason. It contains some of the most important video-training Dawn has ever compiled for people starting to Recode their DNA for Wealth.

You won’t want to miss this exclusive content that is not available for purchase!

BONUS 2 ($1,839) - Wormholing

Does the thought of working hard for 10, or even 20 years to save enough money before you can finally take a break and do you what you want just sound awful? Unfortunately, many people are trapped in this linear model.

With this powerful training, you will learn how to connect your ideal future with your present reality. In doing so, you'll gain invaluable insight, perspective, and the ability to pre-program yourself to take the right actions tomorrow!

BONUS 3 ($450) - Wealth Encoding While You Sleep

Make progress in your Wealth Recoding while you sleep.

Science shows that sleep-tracks such as these are a powerful method for integrating new information, so that you can apply yesterday's lessons more quickly and effectively!

This bonus is great for people who want to do MORE with LESS time!

BONUS 4 ($500) - Choose Your Own Adventure Transformational Series

Chart your progress through these interactive, playful, yet deeply transformational adventures.

Go on a journey to the future. The power of your choice will drive your experience and help you apply what you've learned - and help you to understand the power of action in your everyday life!

BONUS 5 ($500) - Targeted Recoding for Success

Get down to the “code level” to target, defrag and reformat your personal operating system at the deepest level.

This bonus is a key element to the personalization for the Recode DNA System, because you will learn to master the process for your own purposes!

Target areas specific to you and your situation, because no two people are the same!

BONUS 6 ($750) - Transformational Linguistics

​Too often, people will unwittingly reinforce limiting beliefs and behaviors through their word choice. The power of your spoken word is extremely strong and dramatically affects the outcome of your life.

Put the power of transformation behind the language of life.

Go to the next level by designing a new set of 'vocabulary' to help you re-pattern for wealth, opportunity and success.


3 Live Group Coaching Calls With Dawn

1 YEAR of Live Group Coaching Calls With Dawn (12 total)
($7,200 Value)


Dawn will lead you personally in twelve LIVE monthly group Coaching Sessions so you get all the support you need as you work the Recode DNA for Wealth System. This VIP Support gives you a handhold so you can stay focused on creating tangible change and dramatic life improvements.

Imagine learning to ride a bike... You need someone there to hold you steady as you're taking those first unsteady motions. Imagine having an experienced guide to walk you, step-by-step, on the road to your wealthy future.

Not only will you get exactly that, but you'll also be in the company of peers to help inspire and encourage you in the Live Coaching Sessions.

See What Other Customers Like You Had To Say

Pamela S.Executive Career Coach for the MBA students at University of Utah, Trainer and Facilitator

This program transformed my life! Everything has turned around. I've turned around a challenging situation and amazing opportunities I never could have imagined existed. I have truly reinvented myself!

Natalie LussierEntrepreneur, Founder of software startup AmbitionAlly

The is a powerful tool for anyone looking to change their money story on a profound and life-changing level.

Kim RibbansExecutive Director, Native American Intellectual Property Enterprise Council

Dawn’s work is so grounded in truth that it has changed the way I look at everything in my life. My decisions are clearer, my purpose more focused and my interaction with the world and the people around me, more truthful.

David MonroeManaging Director Accenture Open Innovation, former VP and GM at Yahoo! Web Analytics

Dawn’s work is profoundly effective at enabling change that is lasting and powerful. Since taking it, I have completely reinvented my life!

Beth HulsbrinkRegistered Nurse, Program FacilitatorAnalytics

I was lacking in self worth and that was keeping me stuck.I didn't recognize that I deserved to be treated better, to be loved, to be valued. I didn't see myself as worth.Dawn's work has helped me reformat those beliefs!My life has changed so much for the better!

Pay In Full Bonus!

Business Success Blueprint [value $997]

Step-by-step strategic training on what it takes to breakthrough and succeed by Dawn Clark and the former VP of Marketing and Branding for Starbucks, Nike and NBC Entertainment. 

Beyond books, this training will give you an edge and strategic insight to save you years of floundering!

Get the tools you need from world-class experts. Regardless of whether you're percolating startup idea, or want to increase the profitability of an existing venture, this training will benefit you!

NOTE: This bonus is only available to those choosing the full pay option.

Make One Payment of Just $997

RAPID ACCESS - a New Module Opens Every Week for 12 weeks


PLUS, Exclusive "Pay in Full" Bonus

With, all other Bonus Content Save More Than
94% Off the Retail Price of $15,682

$99 monthly membership

Access a New Module every Month and Pay as You Recode


No "Pay in Full" Bonus

All Other Bonus Content Save More Than
92% Off the Retail Price of $14,685

NOTE: The Monthly Subscription to the Recode DNA System affords you FULL access to the special offer, complete with Bonuses and Coaching Calls. However, your access to the System will discontinue if you cancel your subscription. You can think of it like a very affordable "rental" of Dawn's System. However, we encourage you to strongly consider buying Lifetime Access as it will be cheaper in the long term.


Yes. You Can Test Drive Recode DNA for Wealth,
100% Risk Free

Our mission is to help you realize your full potential. That’s why we invite you to test drive Recode DNA for Wealth for 2 weeks risk-free. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise prior to the third week, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. All we ask is that you have actually have completed the activities in the modules.

Chris Van BurenEntrepuener

Nobody I know is doing the work Dawn is doing at such a core DNA level. It represents an evolution in personal transformation, science and technology. And on top of all that, it’s fun!


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